Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cyberposium Preview: Panels and Panelists

Get excited!

This year's Cyberposium Panels will cover a wide range of topics facing the industry, from rethinking ecommerce to exploring new and powerful ways of online marketing.  Examples of this year's panels include:
  • "eBooks: From Print to Digital": Traditional "print" materials are increasingly being consumed via digital devices. How will e-content be published and licensed in the future? Which devices will the mass-market adopt for their e-reading needs? Will paper-based books and traditional retail models interact with e-books going forward? Who wins and loses as ereading gains critical mass?
  • "Cloud Apps for the SMB": Cloud services are radically transforming how small businesses operate. Web-based services like filesharing, video conferencing, CRM and social networking are being adopted at lower costs and with no training requirements. Which new entrants and emerging opportunities have the greatest distruption potential? How will revenue models evolve?
  • "Bridging the Online/Offline Disconnect": New business models and mobile proliferation are unlocking powerful new services that connect online and offline behaviors. Consumers are increasingly integrating the internet into their everyday lives and receiving real-time services and information. How are "online" tools evolving to impact, enhance and disrupt our "offline" lives? How are business able to capture this value? Are these services too complex to benefit mass-market consumers?
  • "Mobile Gaming": The mobile device is on its way to becoming a mass-market gaming platform. Multi-player and social features, freemium games and tablet versions are increasingly populating the market. How big will this market get and how are gamer demographics changing? Who will own the underlying platforms and will they implement tougher terms for game developers?
Panelists include representatives from hot start-ups including Birchbox to market leaders including Google and Intuit.  In addition, this year's participants will have four panel tracks to choose from:
  • Digital Media
  • Enterprise
  • Consumer Web
  • Mobile
 Stay tuned as we announce our speaker and conference lineup!

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