Saturday, November 1, 2014

Changing Structure of Venture Capital

Changing Structure of Venture Capital

For our panel, “The Changing Structure of Venture” we’ll be looking at trends and observations on the venture ecosystem quite broadly (LP trends, funding trends, etc). Gaurav will be helping moderate the panel and we'll be piecing together some insights and perspective on the venture industry.

  • Gaurav Jain (Founder Collective)

  • Andy Macey (Common Angels)
  • Neil Chedda (Romulus)
  • Kyle Lui (DCM)
Some Notable Quotes and Perspectives:

  • On VC Firm Partner Composition
    • "We've seen dynamics change of those entering the industry -- the venture partner composition is finally beginning to come around to non-anglo-middle-aged-men to reflect the diversity and perspective of a great new generation of entrepreneurs" - Andy
  • On getting into VC:
    • "Right out of b-school, potentially the best thing for the firm and yourself is to go start a company. Join something if you don't want to start that thing yourself." - Kyle
    • "Some MBA's dont know the difference between confidence and arrogance" - Andy
  • On a career in VC:
    • "VC is not a great career, but it is an incredible obsession. Truth is, is that most people don't make it." - Neil
    • "Some people see it as a career that is less risky, but the reality is that you only get to cut so many checks, and you're only as good as your last deal." - Neil
    • "When it comes time to cut a check, it becomes valuable to know you've been there before, and what they are going through" - Neil
    • "The greatest joy of venture is watching a company grow from something small to a big company." - Andy
    • "It's not just a one time decision, often the company isn't going anywhere and they are out of capital." - Kyle
  • On deal selection: 
    • "I'm constantly asking: Why you? Why Now?" - Neil 
    • "No soccer team needs 11 strikers [MBAs], there is so much value in diversity" - Andy

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