Saturday, November 1, 2014

Matt Wallach: A dozen lessons learned

A dozen lessons learned from Matt Wallach's journey from the Whiteboard to IPO:

1. When you agree with someone who is very different from you, you have a higher chance of being right
2. The vision trumps the polish
3. Your values are how you achieve your vision
4. Do the right thing is before your vision and values... Get your moral compass right, would your mother approve of what you are doing?
5. Focus on customer success not customer satisfaction
6. Stay focused, don't get distracted by shiny opportunities
7. Don't overspend... Be smart and efficient with your spending. Senior people come to build orgs and spend money, don't hire them until you need to
8. Pricing: it is the difference between survival and failure... Important from the beginning
9. Hire A players, they won't fight with each other, they will attract other A players
10. Don't spend all your time at business school looking for a job, you are here looking for a career not a job
11. Don't be a competitive jerk but don't be a slacker either... People will remember both
12. Spend real quality time with your classmates

If you are not having fun at business school... You are blowing it

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