Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Meet A Featured Startup: Sonar

Every year Cyberposium consistently unites some of the brightest in the tech, media, VC, finance and startup communities. Who will YOU meet? 

One of our featured startups, Sonar, an app for iPhone, aims to add a new layer of technology to your networking by revealing connections you share with attendees that you’d perhaps have otherwise missed. Sonar can tell you that the gentleman at the next table during lunch is a VC looking to fund a startup just like yours, or that the CTO of the company at which you’re interviewing is three rows back, or that the startup founder on stage right now shares fourteen of your Facebook friends and also loves LCD Soundsystem.
If you’re attending Cyberposium in hopes of meeting a particular type of new contact or friend, and you appreciate the boost a little extra social context lends to conference small talk and between-panel banter, download Sonar before you get to Cyberposium. You won’t have to leave it to chance that you’ll meet the right person just by virtue of proximity to the peanuts.

To get started learning about how you’re connected to other people at Cyberposium on Sonar:
  1. Download the app from the iTunes Store: http://bit.ly/m7A2qO
  2. Sign in with your Foursquare account (you can create one within the app, if you do not already have one – don’t worry, your location is safe unless you share it!)
  3. Add your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to see the most about the connections you share with other attendees
  4. When you arrive at Cyberposium, pop open Sonar and find the Cyberposium venue – you’ll see a list of folks there, in order of their relevance to you, based on shared Facebook friends, LinkedIn contacts, and interests on Twitter.
  5. If you see someone you’re interested in meeting, you can send them a message via Twitter with a couple clicks.
Let us know about who you meet by posting on our Facebook wall or on Twitter.


  1. You're so welcome!

    Looking forward to meeting you and our amazing panelists tomorrow.