Saturday, November 5, 2011

Panel: Cloud Wars

Cloud Wars Panelists
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Moderated by:
David Fachetti, Managing Director, Globespan Capital Partners

Alex Chriss, Director - Intuit Partner Platform, Intuit
Peter Coffee, VP/Head of Platform Research,
John McEleney, CEO, CloudSwitch

Cyberposium Audience

Key ideas from today's panels:

  • You don't want seatbelts on your servers.  It doesn't matter what color it is, it doesn't work.
  • Why should people ever have to enter in data?  So now we're thinking about big data, data for delight.  $3 trillion dollars of data running around that we can now bring into the cloud.
  • The conversation about cloud for the last 10 years has been IT replacement.  The future is about working closer to where the data is originating.  It's a really important perception change for classical IT.  It's about where your customers live and where your business processes are happening.
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