Saturday, November 2, 2013

Closing Keynote: Rich Miner, Partner at Google Ventures, Co-Founder of Android

"Exciting industries: innovation around enterprise, especially mobile's impact on enterprise."

"Traditional enterprise communication models are not creative... Think about what you can do with a mobile device."

"There is also tremendous amount of innovation in connected devices: your car, your phone, your digital camera..."

"It's been easier to prototype hardware now with the makers' movement: 3-D printing, makers' network. You can get your design built and delivered back to you in a few weeks."

"The idea of bringing the world to you with a press of a button."

"There is raw data saying that teams that worked together before will be more likely to succeed than teams that haven't. Teams with co-founders do better than those who don't."

"It comes down to the right dynamics between the founders. But also know what's the product, what's the market."

"Diversity in teams is hugely important."

"Successful startups tend to have a balance and diversity of background in business, technical, commercial experiences, with the exception if the team has worked together before."

"A lot of it is being ready for the ups and downs, the successes and the failures."

"To future entrepreneurs: you should be driven, you want to take risks. If you hesitate to clip the bungee cord on... The best entrepreneurs have a problem they want to solve. You can't get there by matricing where you can get most money."

"Working for a big company like Google sometimes is good to get exposed to skills that may help you learn product development etc in the future. Or find a startup you like and join them. You don't have to dive in right at the beginning."

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